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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Periodization? And how does it apply to Sport Specific Training?

Periodization: Strength training programs structured into phases to maximize sport specific strength. Utilizing scientific principles, objective measurements, and subjective restrictions to plan a program that will allow the athlete to peak for his or her event or season regardless if it be in six weeks or one year. Periodization allows an athlete to sectionalize his or her off -season to maximize gains and recovery and minimize injury and plateaus caused by over/uneducated training. Periodization allows us to design a program which encompasses all aspects of training appropriate for any athlete; Transition, Anatomical Adaptation, Hypertrophy, Maximum Strength, Power, and most importantly Conversion to Power. Each stage is designed to lead into the next and finally into the Conversion to Power section, which allows an athlete to transmit the power, speed and strength acquired in the gym into practical gains on the playing field.

What is Sport Specific Power and Agility? How can it help in my Sport?

Power, the ability to perform an explosive movement in the shortest time possible, results from the integration of maximum strength and speed. The combination of endurance and speed is called speed-endurance. Agility is the product of a complex combination of speed. Strength, speed, and endurance are important components of sports specific performance. In every athletic activity there will be one dominant component of which there is a higher contribution required. Depending on the sport, peak performance may be needed in more than one area. The relationship between strength, speed, and endurance create crucial physical athletic qualities. Thus in every sport there is a need for the application of power, strength and speed. Through periodized training the athlete trains each component of his/her sport not just one or two.

How Does Periodization Work?

You have your goals, now we need to systematically prepare you for this event. Do you need cardiovascular (aerobic) fitness, leg strength, upper body strength, range of motion (flexibility) increases, anaerobic fitness, or absolute or relative overall strength increase? You tell us your goal, we will measure your abilities and then train you to improve – higher, faster, stronger.

How Do I know I’m Improving?

To know you have improved, you must first obtain relevant baseline measurements and then aim at your goals. If you want to compete for the soccer season, what difference is it what your bench press levels are? None! We educate you on the requirements of anatomical and physiological adaptation specific to your sport and develop your training program to achieve your goals: using the S.M.A.R.T. technique outlined above. In the case of soccer, you need knee and ankle stability, leg strength and a strong core to allow you to have good energy transfer into the ball while pivoting on one foot.

How Long Does it Take?

Training depends on your sport, you overall level of physical fitness, your injury history, your results of your functional assessment. However the more promptly an athlete begins training in an educated fashion using a Periodized Program the faster goals will be met and overtaken, regardless of the above characteristics.



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